We stayed at Kimberleyland  for over a week, it was such a terrific spot.  The location on the banks of Lily Creek Lagoon, with the shining pairs of eyes to be spotted at night was super special.

We burrowed in here to complete our work duties, but also spend time enjoying some beautiful day trips in the area.

The camp kitchen, pool, BBQs and plenty of grass to play on was very welcome – and they now offer a coffee shop and feature live music.

We walked into the markets and town, and checked out some local establishments for a meal outside our tin can.  We toured the Hoochery, marvelled at the irrigation systems, and picked up some farm produce along the way.

We visited Kelly’s Knob Lookout, Mirima National Park, found Boab trees, and took off for a night canoeing on the Ord River. We also saw the bungle bungles from the air here too! Both,  a story for another day.

The motorhome was left here another night whilst we hired a 4WD to a fraction of the Gibb River Road.

After El Questro gorges and hot springs, it was at the Home Valley Station bar we realised we didn’t have to head home through outback Queensland as planned, but instead we set our compass for further west, and anticlockwise home.

No wonder I have such good memories of the Kimberley!

To top it off, our safari tents were upgraded to motel rooms – three because there was six of us. What joy!


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