Now is the time to plan your 2021 adventure!

Last week we heard that one WA council has put the word out – if you don’t have a booking, then please don’t visit!

Our blog ‘Now is the time to book your 2021 adventure in WA‘ explains why Exmouth only has limited accommodation and services that cannot cope with the increased visitor demand, and there are no overflow sites guaranteed.

Check out your CAMPS 11 book for WA sites 500 to 510 for coastal, National Park campgrounds and Station Stays – all but one are budget-priced and 3 are pet friendly. The Caravan Parks 5 book lists WA sites 122-125 or find them all in the CAMPS Australia Wide App! 

At CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE all indicators here point towards more RV travellers on the road than EVER before! All the more reason to get prepared – and we are loving the feedback:

“I’ve only had this app a few weeks and am very impressed with its ease of use and all its features. I’ve got several apps I normally use for camp sites, fuel prices/locations, gas bottle refills, etc and the list goes on. However the prospect of having all that and more in one app is terrific. Not having to switch between apps? Getting rid of many apps and using only one? Yes please. If this app so far is any indication of what is to come when they add more features it’ll get 5 stars from me.”

By Laffo57

“Keep up the fantastic work. Your books are our guide and salvation.”

Mark and Helen Hardie from Wandering/Mandurah, WA

They are pictured above at WA site 199: Muirs Bridge Rest Area, near Rocky Gully. Thanks Mark and Helen!

So here’s some travel inspiration – this newsletter pictures over a dozen camping sites, all over Australia ranging from budget beauties, farmstays to a showground, river reserves and a ‘bells and whistles’ Caravan Park!

Order your newly released Camps 11 book today! Simply enter the code: ordercaw11 and save up to $27!




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