You only need 4 things to hike Tunnel Creek, on Western Australia’s Gibb River Road – and where to camp

We’ve just hiked (swam!) Tunnel Creek,  just off the Gibb River Road in Western Australia’s Kimberley region – Dimalurru (Tunnel Creek) National Park. Here’s everything you need to know and bring!

My adrenaline is still pumping. Good reasons, for that. It is known as a freshwater crocodile spot, friends who walked it the other day said they saw their beady eyes in the torch light.

Us? Well we forgot our headlamp, and made do with light from the phone and our kind fellow hikers. So no crocs spotted from us. 

Fellow travellers to Tunnel Creek

What to bring?

  1. Togs
  2. Reef shoes (or something you are happy to walk on rocks and get wet)
  3. Head lamp 
  4. Dry bag for your phone/keys etc

We wore reef shoes, our togs, shirts and shorts. Some people brought noodles or floats for the swim section, but I was glad to have both hands free for the rock hopping bit. You don’t need a hat, sunnies, water bottle or backpack. 

Some rock scrambling to get to Tunnel Creek

What to expect?

There’s a 200m easy (Grade 2) walk to entrance… (this is the Tunnel View Trail), then some rock scrambling! The second section is classified as Grade 4, we followed the track straight into – the water! I was carefully slid on my bottom from the rock, stretching my toes to reach the sandy base. Now we’ve reached the 1km Subterranean Trail. 

This was the first wading section. From there, you straddle and step over rocks or the sand. Then you come to the “swim section”. Start from the left, or you end up squelching through the mud. Swim for the reflective light! It is only 17m or so we’re told. And yes, it is deep, at least over 6 foot as Heatley could not touch the bottom. 

After that it is more sand based then more wading! 

Keep going until you reach right until the end, you’ll be at the other side of the Napier Range. 

Rock art is there to see at the beginner and end of the “trail”. Ask the ranger for tips. 

Michelle and Heatley at Tunnel Creek

Except for the thought I might meet a freshie, it was fun swimming in the dark and cooling off – as outside the cave we had a 34 degree day! You exit the same way you hiked in. 

What time is best to walk?

Choose the heat of the day – we hiked around midday. 

Where to camp?

Windjana Gorge (about 35 km away) – Bandilngan (Windjana Gorge) National Park
– Lennard River Rest Area
– You could even try a day trip from Derby or Birdwood Downs or travel north from Fitzroy Crossing.   

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