Have you camped at Barrington Tops, near Gloucester, NSW?

West of Gloucester, and east of Scone, is a very special (and chilly) New South Wales national park and state forest. As well as lookouts, there are seven camping options around Barrington Tops – including Polblue Campground which you can find in the first edition of CAMPS! 

Check out these world class views from recently upgraded Cobark Lookout at Barrington Tops State Forest.

Cobark Lookout is the first stop for visitors on their way across the Barrington Tops from Gloucester, so was a great candidate for an upgrade, said Forestry Corporation of NSW Tourism and Partnerships Manager Louise Faulkner.

Ms Faulkner said,“The site was previously a small verge with an older style picnic table, and now includes a nine-metre-wide tallowwood deck, shaped hardwood seating and a wheelchair-friendly picnic table.

Interpretive signage is the next stage in the Cobark Lookout upgrade.

Where to camp near Barrington Tops

Manning River – this State Forest site was also upgraded in 2017, new site now located next to Henry’s Bridge on Pheasants Creek Road. You are right on the riverbank, fishers and 4×4 drivers love it!

National Park sites include Polblue, Horse Swamp, Little Murray and in the south east of the park is Gloucester River. Polblue was listed in the very first CAMPS book! 

Alternatively there are more facilities at Gloucester Tops Riverside Caravan Park and budget privately owned Camp Cobark.

Reference:  www.forestrycorporation.com.au

Here’s some more info on each campsite: 

Polblue sits high up in sub-alpine woodland, a spacious campsite centred around a picnic area, away from roads (perfect for kids).  There’s a walking track, toilets, fire pits with BBQ no pets permitted here or other camps being National Parkland.

Horse Swamp
is a remote rustic spot high on the plateau with gorgeous views, toilets and fire pits.

Little Murray is around a 3 hour drive from Newcastle and 4WD only.  You’ll need a high clearance vehicle as it is rocky. When you get to the camp it’s open, grassy and a private wilderness, expect to see some brumbies.  

Gloucester River – Pick a shady spot beside the river, but make sure you check the weather before you leave for this one, as there are multiple river crossings affected by rain.  If the river is high, the council has a detour but it’s not suitable for caravans.  

Gloucester Tops Riverside Caravan Park Around 40km from Gloucester, you’ll find powered camping beside the river, here with amenities including laundry and some cabins.

Camp Cobark is a gorgeous spot, pristine and sits in the foothills of Barrington Tops, swim in the river, explore the trails, or ride horseback. The camp has both toilets and showers, fire pits and BBQ and there’s a bunkhouse and camp kitchen.

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