World’s Steepest: Katoomba Scenic Railway, New South Wales

Katoomba Scenic Railway NSW by Leroy and Shelley Jones

If you like a little thrill, visit The Blue Mountains and the Katoomba Scenic World. The world’s steepest railway is west of Sydney, in New South Wales.

The Three Sisters is one of those landmarks that tourists from Australia and overseas line up for. 

We started at Echo Point and The Three Sisters, and took the Giant Stairway – 800 plus steps down – down into the valley. This is a Grade 4 walk. 

Then we walked Federal Pass to Katoomba Falls and Scenic World. 

Now, here’s the thing to remember: this railway was built in the 1880s for coal, not people! Excitedly waiting for the ride to begin (and oh, so grateful we did not have to stagger up 800 plus steps to the top) I was taking photos with my phone.

The start was so “startling”, I almost dropped the phone! It was all I could do to secure it in my pocket and not yelp in front of the boys. No wonder, at a 52 degree tilt! Hang on! 

From the top it is a short walk back to where we parked the car near Echo Point. 

This ride certainly put smiles on our kid’s faces! We highly recommend. (Plus Katoomba is a lovely town to visit. Although it is popular, so be prepared for crowds.)

The Blue Mountains National Park is extensive – with more lookouts, waterfalls, over 140 km of walking trails and ample opportunities for mountain bike riding, abseiling, canyoning and rock climbing. Not to mention camping!

Blue Mountains is divided into six areas: Katoomba, Blackheath, Glenbrook, Lower Grose Valley, Mount Wilson and Southern Blue Mountains. 

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