Add 5 favourite Aussie camping destinations to your list

Dog on the Tuckerbox Gundagai NSW

It’s been a big week for us at Camps. Not only have we announced the CAMPS 12 pre-order – it was also our youngest’s Year 12 formal. Today, and the coming weeks he is in the thick of exams.  

Before you know it we’ll be empty nesters, able to trip off as we please. Right now, I’m holding close all the precious memories of travels with our four and planning future adventures with our grown up “crew”. Like the one above…

So this week I am sharing favourite destinations across Australia we’ve loved as a family: a spectacular NSW national park, a Queensland icon (that has just opened up more camping), a beautiful region in Victoria, one of South Australia’s must-see gems and a bucket list necessity from WA.

We hope you and your homes are high and dry after the floods across so many areas. Please stay safe all!

Finally, there have been so many questions people have been sending in about the new edition. So here’s CAMPS 12 answers in one go!

As our valued CAMPS community – you have the first opportunity to check out the new guides and make it your own! We are posting out from mid November.

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