Drive through the Warrumbungles, New South Wales

Fancy a leisurely drive through the iconic Warrumbungles, taking in some of the sights that have put this area on the world map? 

The 70km Coonabarabran – Warrumbungle – Tooraweenah drive combines views, lookouts, and easy walks on a spectacular day trip. Or stop here camping and take your time to enjoy it all!

Starting in Coonabarabran, you’ll drive through the picturesque Timor Valley. Keep a look out for the interesting fences and mail boxes! 

Siding Spring Observatory

Did you know Warrumbungles were Australia’s and the southern hemisphere’s first Dark Sky Park? 

Highlights worth a visit include the Skywatch Observatory, Timor Rock, and the Anglo-Australian telescope at Siding Spring

Whitegum Lookout

Arriving at the entrance to Warrumbungle National Park, a pit stop at the accessible Whitegum lookout is on the cards. Here, you’ll enjoy a wonderful panorama over the ‘crooked’ mountains across to the impressive Breadknife and Belougery Split Rock.

Warrumbungle is an aboriginal word for ‘Crooked Mountain’.

Stop here for spectacular views, just 500 m on a bitumen path from the carpark, information boards and picnic tables. It is easy to understand the volcanic beginnings to the landscape, and regeneration after the 2013 bushfire is also evident.

Wheelchair and pram accessible, the walk is also a short and easy one for small children.

Visitor Information Centre

Well worth a stop in – this modern building backs against more volcanic views.

Walking tracks and picnic areas

There’s a whole park to explore. 

Take the Gurianawa walking track or have lunch at nearby Canyon picnic area.

As for camping, choose from national park campgrounds Blackman, Wambelong or the remote 4WD Gunneemooroo Camps. 

Towards Tooraweenah

Continue through the park towards Tooraweenah, keeping an eye out for majestic Mount Exmouth on your left. We also found another gem – an emu farm!

Overall, a picturesque route we highly recommend!

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