Here’s the answers travellers want about our brand new CAMPS 12

Experienced traveller, Bill Grienke has a sneak peek to our soon to be released CAMPS 12
Experienced traveller, Bill Grienke has a sneak peek to our soon to be released CAMPS 12

Whether you are starting out on your Aussie adventures, or a freedom camping pro, travelling solo or with the whole family, camping weekends or the whole lap, and with or without your pets – CAMPS 12 is the best camping tool you can bring with you! We’ve had so many questions about our brand new CAMPS 12, here’s why you’ll want to pre-order now:

Do I need to register/order online for the discount?

Yes – CAMPS 12 is available on pre-order. You can find out about this with our special deal in Messenger or purchase direct from our website using discount code preordercaw12 at the checkout.

Buy Now: Easy to Read B4

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Add discount code: preordercaw12 at checkout

How much is the guide?

All the prices are clearly labelled on our website – remember there are two versions:

CAMPS 12 Easy to Read (B4 size) has larger maps and text, campsite images in the listings and is in hardcover with a symbol summary – $109.97. CAMPS 12 Standard is in the more compact A4 size, with no campsite photos and is $82.97. 

You can save 20% on these prices and receive free shipping if you PRE ORDER using the discount code preordercaw12 at our checkout. This is for a limited time only. 

When will the books be distributed?

The guides will be posted out from mid-November, well in time for Christmas and summer travels. 

Is the B4 book now in hardcover?

Yes – but only in the Easy to Read size, not the Standard CAMPS 12.

How is CAMPS 12 different to CAMPS 11?

CAMPS 12 brings extra focus on Free and Budget than ever before with the latest new campsites, Hema maps and public dump points. 

Map icons have been updated to ovals for pet friendly, and hexagons for sites with no pets – a blue border has been added if there is a public dump point – this allows more of the map to be shown (pet friendly ears were used for sites in CAMPS 11).

It is more streamlined with integration with our CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App so it is easier to handle.

Includes a ‘Camping 101’ section and essential travel tips.

Read more here.

I have the Camps 10 version now, what are the differences between CAMPS 10 and 12?

As well as four more years of research – so updated sites, new camps and dump points – our latest guides have 9 different site types highlighted on maps by icon colour (showgrounds, national parks, station stays etc.) and our colourful new symbols for extra facilities/features – like gas bottle swaps, 4WD only, pet seasonal, glamping, swimming, fishing and more. Each listing now has a street address as well as GPS co-ordinates for easy navigation. We consider every bit of feedback, so each new edition is better than ever before. 

Does CAMPS 12 include caravan parks?

CAMPS 12 only includes remote caravan parks, ones that are important wayfinders, outback roadhouses and community run caravan parks – there is even one that is free! However, you’ll find all our caravan parks in our CAMPS App and other guides. Caravan Parks 6 is Australia most comprehensive caravan park book. If you like to stay in Caravan Parks you are best to purchase our Travel Packs (with both guides) or CAMPS Pendium, which includes camps and caravan parks together in separate state by state books. 

Do the books contain national parks and picnic spots for people who don’t camp yet but just want to go for drives? Also contain off-road tracks for light SUVs that aren’t 4×4 vehicles?

Every national park in Australia is in our books! We use Hema maps which are very detailed showing which roads are unsealed. Depending on the scale of the area you are looking at will determine how much detail is there on the national park.

Many camp areas have a day use area attached to them. If they aren’t accessible for 2WD vehicles it will have a 4WD symbol for these. 

When you purchase the book, you receive a CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App 12 month subscription for free. In here, there is also detail about points of interest and lookouts, picnic areas etc. We do have a day use symbol, where many (but not every) picnic areas are listed throughout Australia. 

Do you have a symbol summary?

All the symbols are listed in the CAMPS 12 introductory pages. 

Our latest edition – the Easy to Read edition actually has the symbols the inside back flap as well – so you can see them whilst you are checking out listings, without turning to the back. This photo explains it best:

Does it have good coverage of Western Australia?

It sure does. It has great coverage of every state. And they are all colour coded – so really easy to find state maps and listings. 

Hey, Camps Australia Wide. If I list our family farm in your book and send you photos, can I get a free copy of your B4 book?

Haha! Not quite. But we can give you free promotion of your property. We don’t charge farmers/landowners/businesses/pubs/community groups or showground societies etc. to be listed, and it may even be featured in our popular newsletter and socials. If you offer camping, it is highly likely you’ll qualify for the Camps Australia Wide App and if the price is under $25 for 2 people for one night there’s a good chance it will go in future editions.

Pre-order now!

Buy Now: Easy to Read B4

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Add discount code: preordercaw12 at checkout

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