3 festive camping menus and our favourite Christmas breakfast ever

I’ve added in a couple of store-bought goods, that will really minimise fuss this Christmas season. A few of the recipes are on our blog, all the rest you’ll find in our CAMPS Community Cookbook.

Traditional Christmas Fare

Camp oven roast chicken
Camp oven roast chicken

Campfire Oysters Kilpatrick

Roast Lamb in the Camp Oven

Roast Chicken and Vegetables

Decadent Chocolate Brownies with Cooper Creek Caramel Choc-chip Ice-cream.

My mum's dark fruit cake (Perhaps a recipe for another CAMPS cookbook)
My mum's dark fruit cake (Perhaps a recipe for another CAMPS cookbook)

No Bake it’s Summer – festive menu

Everyone at the prawns
Everyone at the prawns

Charcuterie board (salami/cheese/vegetable crudities/dip – add your favourites and you are done!)

Fresh prawns

Cooked Chooks (BBQ Chicken) and Ham

Easy salad/s (pre buy coleslaw or a nice lettuce mix, or add in canned options like corn niblets, beetroot, and the good old three bean mix with red onion…)

Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad OR Do it yourself Pavs (pre buy the meringues, dollop with double cream, berries in season or pitted cherries, and a swirl of passionfruit – yum! Offer other fruit if you prefer – tinned peaches are delicious with this. So is a little cointreau for the adults! Then everyone can assemble their own.)

Easy BBQ festive lunch

Avocado Shrimp Tower or The Easiest and Quickest Seafood Recipe Ever

Garlic Brie in the Weber

Lemon and Herb Bush Lamb in the BBQ (with spuds and corn)

Vegie Parcel

Store bought Christmas pudding or fruit cake with My Custard

Our Gilmore Christmas breakfast

Finally, THE best (so good I sneak it in through the year) Christmas breakfast is one my husband’s family introduced to me. It’s pretty simple: Ham and eggs. Normally a fried egg, with freshly sliced ham off-the-bone. You just can’t beat it. No need to cook lots of bacon. Toast optional. Save the tomato, mushrooms and spinach for another day. Easy for home, easy for camping. Bliss!

Heatley's mum's delicious light Christmas cake
Heatley's mum's delicious light Christmas cake

And here are 5 more festive recipes for camping – including Christmas kebabs and fondue, and our fun and favourite Christmas Cocktails!

Plus we’ve a vegan recipe! Bon appetit and Merry Christmas!

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