With all the changes on the Pacific Highway rest areas, it is good to know there’s a low cost option at South Grafton. Hotel Motel 5 is NSW no. 38 in CAMPS 10. Called “Hotel Motel 5 – Five Mile” on Facebook.

This is free stop if you patronise the hotel. Self contained vehicles are preferred, enjoy access to toilets, showers, water, shade, and in the beer garden you’ll find tables and fire places. Pets are allowed and there is mobile coverage. Stay period is 48 hours only, and it is beside the highway. 

Publicans Nick and Jocelyn promise a delicious feed and there’s raffles, a pool comp and specials, too.

What to do around Grafton?

  1. Make sure you view or spend time beside – or on – the mighty Clarence, the largest river on the Australian eastern coast. 

2. Jacarandas! I love seeing Grafton in its purple glory, it even has a Jacaranda Festival in late October every year. 

3. With Yuraygir, Nymoida, Washpool and Gibraltar Range National Parks  – you are surrounded! Perfect to check out the scenery and enjoy a walk or two.

Find out more from the Visitor Information Centre in Grafton. 



You can stay out the front or the back of the hotel 

Dine in! 

Beer garden

Go say hello to Nick and Jocelyn and tell them CAMPS sent you!