FREEDOM CAMP OF THE MONTH – Sandy Creek Pub, Queensland

There were still a few campers around, and a couple of vans leaving when we dropped into Sandy Creek Pub, last week.

You camp in the grassy paddock next door with some farm animals, and enter via a gate.

The pub is not far from the Cunningham Highway, near Warwick in Queensland’s Darling Downs.

We loved the sign here about patronising the hotel.

The site is for patrons only, with a donation for charity and a fee for a shower. But it is great to find this freedom camp here, because the only other options in Warwick, are caravan parks.

You can stay here up to 72 hours and bring your pets. There is ample room for Big Rigs, and tents are welcome, too.

As well as showers; toilets, water and mobile coverage are also available. Fires and generators are allowed, too.

There’s even more – picnic tables, playground, shade and views! It is beside the road, but it wasn’t a highway!

Our travellers have found the publican and locals very friendly, with “hot food and cold beer”! We were a bit too early to sample the wares. But we’ll have to return, because they describe it as a “classic country pub” that is “fabulous”.

Remember, shut the gate!

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