New listing: ARVOS Camp

Julie Lee and husband Mark have a working cattle property called ‘Birchgrove’ in the rural Queensland town of Aramara, with a camping area in one section called Arvos Camp.

Julie wrote to us about their new venture:

After travelling Australia for 2 laps during 2015 – 2017 using Camps Australia as a guide and staying at countless camps from bush camping, free camping to larger van parks, glamping and everything in between, we recently purchased a smaller cattle property that has a camping area included that runs along one of the tree lined seasonal creeks.

Arvos Camp is located just 40km West of Maryborough QLD on the Maryborough Biggenden Road (or 40km East of Biggenden), on tar and has easy access for all sizes of rigs.

The camp area is over 2ha. of flat grassy land and has plenty of shady trees so there is no problem in finding your own area away from others if that’s what you are after. There is a flushing toilet, a bush shower and camp kitchen. We also provide solar bags that campers can fill and place in sun to heat then use in a private shower room. There is no power or drinking water but there is non potable water available and its ok for grey water to be disposed of by travelers as well.

There is a large central fire pit for groups that want to get together and mingle or individual fire pits in a number of spacious camp areas. We also have a 3km bush walk marked out that takes walkers through the property, over causeways, along creeks and up to the higher points so as they get a good feel of the farm and a bit of exercise at the same time.

We cater for everything from people with tents, swags and camper trailers to the largest of caravans and fifth wheelers and even have horse groups come as well, complete with their horses. We also welcome travelers with pets and even have the camp areas named after the local farm dogs with names like, Harrys Hangout, Gidgees Watch, Stomys Rest and so on.

We also aim to keep it low cost at just $10 per camp per night (max 2 adults 4 children) and travelers are free to come by and select their own spot that suits their individual and group needs with the camp hosts Deb and Ross coming by a couple of times per day to check people in and help with any issues or questions they may have (or just for a chat…)

We endeavor to use our experiences in travelling to provide all campers with what we were always seeking when we were travelling. 

Find out more:

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Update: We just got this lovely email from Julie and Mark 

Hi Michelle,

Just a brief message to say thank you for doing the write up about Arvos Camp in your latest email out. We noticed an immediate response and increase in enquiry to the Camps Australia Wide listing and email. We were getting a lot of enquiries through our Facebook site last night and wondered why until we saw your email so its great to know people must be reading about it. 

Thanks again,

Julie and Mark Lee

Arvos Camp - The Awesome Bundy Cruisers van club had their muster recently -groups love it because the area is so large
The Awesome Bundy Cruisers van club had their muster recently - groups love it because the area is so large



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