Local tips to camp and explore Tasmania’s Central Coast

January 2024 Update: Please note Hall Point and Preservation Bay have now closed to camping. Check our Camps Australia Wide App for the latest on other campgrounds available in this region.

If you are driving between Devonport and Burnie on Tasmania’s east coast, make sure you take the time to enjoy the region. Although we only spent a few nights, we benefited from our friend’s local knowledge and we covered a lot of country. 

The Central Coast of Tasmania has two main towns – Ulverstone and Penguin. Here’s some of our highlights:


Our first night in Tassie was not a disappointment! Our mates had talked up the quality of local produce and cellar door since they left Rainbow Beach to farm life on the Apple Isle. They took us to RA Ulverstone where they introduced us to Tassie wines and scallops, and yes they are different over the Bass Strait!

We drove past the Blue Wren RV Park, near Goat Island and the drive past Three Sisters literally skirts the coastline with the railway tracks.  


Penguin is picture perfect! We lunched at the bakery, and checked on the caravan park and all the penguins around town – bollards, playground penguins and a big one. I did love the book exchange, too. Such a pretty coastline and everywhere we went the churches were so beautiful!

As were the northern campgrounds right on the ocean, like Preservation Bay…

…and Hall Point – which is actually a penguin habitat. We met Neil and Jovy here and they told us about the penguins’ nocturnal happenings, just outside their door. They loved the spot – and their book!  

MARCH 2023 Update:Unfortunately both Hall Point and Preservation Bay are now permanently closed due to recent heavy rains. However, the free camp Midway Point is located between the two sides, is much larger and you can stop for 48 hours here with self contained vans and motorhomes. Also suitable for Big Rigs and pets! 

Turners Beach

Another pretty location which our hosts knew well, as they lived here when they arrived on the island. Located on the River Forth, you have river and ocean to choose from. There is a seaside caravan park in town, and The Berry Patch is a free camp for self contained RVs, cafe with PYO berries in season. 


Upriver you’ll find the town of Forth where you can camp at Forth Recreation Ground. Free, pet friendly with toilets, the camp was hit hard by floods and is temporarily closed. 

There is a beautiful memorial that lights up at night near the entrance…

Leven Canyon

The Central Coast hinterland has plenty to offer also. We were awed by Leven Canyon and the lovely free campsite at the reserve. Apparently, there is good fishing in the Leven River!

Gunns Plains

Along Gunns Plains Road, we stopped at Bannons Park – another gorgeous spot where people were camping. We listed it as a day use area and on double checking with council, it definitely is no camping. But a pretty place for a picnic or swim! 

Make sure you stop at the George Woodhouse Lookout, it is not far from Wings Wildlife Park – a campground with animal encounters that was also affected by floods. I hope it is back operating soon. 

Preston Falls

Not a campground, but another magnificent view!  There is limited car parking, and you’ll see the sign on Raymond Road, between Preston and Gunns Plains. 

It is less than fifteen minutes walk return, just follow some steps and bridge…

And you’ll arrive at a waterfall. We love our walks, but really appreciate it when they are so conveniently near the road! 


We continued on PIne Road, up towards Riana and stopped into a budget, pet friendly camp called Pioneer Park.

Lovely facilities and shelters..

Plus a playground and shade…

They also took us to Devonport and lots to see and taste there! A big thanks to Mark and Tany Beech for the personalised tours – we hope you can visit as well! Or if you’ve been this might bring back some lovely memories! 

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