Riverside camping and devils at Wings Wildlife Park in Tasmania

When you drive to Wings Wildlife Park in Tasmania’s beautiful Gunns Plains make sure you stop at George Woodhouse lookout to soak up that gorgeous valley. It was near here we found an echidna beside the road – a live one, thankfully! 

So very cute, they stood very still and just peered at me.  

If you are an animal lover, or have some in your family – they will be in their element. The wildlife park  has animal encounters galore – and personally guided tours. So touch an Aussie sugar glider, snake, or exotic meerkats or marmosets… Me? I’d prefer a chat with the Tassie devils and wombats. 

You can actually snuggle a Tasmanian devil here, and a baby, known as a joey. (These encounters are optional extras and conditions apply.)

The farm walk through camels, alpacas, buffalo, bison, ostrich, emus deer, turkeys and more animals is part of your accommodation fee. 

Wings Wildlife Park Gunns Plains Tasmania

Right on the Leven River, make sure you bring kayaks, you can fish, swim and the park is large enough to play cricket, walk or ride bikes.

Wings Wildlife Park Gunns Plains Tasmania

We checked out the huge unpowered area, beside the river, where the Cape Barren Geese said hello!

As well as powered sites, there are bunk rooms and units, plus a cafe and gift shop.

Accessible toilets and shower facilities (the hot showers are not coin operated or timed), a dump point and laundry are available.

Wings Wildlife Park Gunns Plains Tasmania

It is strictly no pets, not even guide dogs at Wing’s Wildlife Park due to quarantine regulations. However, you can have a fire. 

Wings Wildlife Park Gunns Plains Tasmania

Nearby Leven Canyon Reserve (free) and Riana Pioneer Park (budget priced) are the closest camp areas – both pet friendly. 

Find all of these sites south of Ulverstone and Penguin on Tasmania’s Central Coast. 

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