It’s time for swimming and camping now school’s out for summer

Heatley and Michelle at Cranky Rock
Heatley and Michelle at Cranky Rock

If school isn’t shut for summer in your state, it soon will be. So it is time to pack up and cool down at a beach, lake, or river… 

Check out these awesome attractions – beachside in Tassie, four waterside camps under a Queensland mountain and a secret trail the kids will love in WA.

By the way, if a camp has swimming nearby (natural options like creeks, oceans and lagoons) or a swimming pool – you can filter in our CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App for either or both!

There was plenty of swimming on our last road trip – and so popular on our Instagram reels and Tik Tok! We’ve even awarded red ticks to 10 amazing NSW campsites!

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