Make sure you choose the right CAMPS 12 guide for you

If you are searching camping near me, you’ll love the CAMPS 12 new release! Camps has over 30 years of research, publishing 20 editions, and is known as “The Traveller’s Bible”. 

You can see we have two CAMPS 12 guides in two sizes. We can talk you through which guide is best for you in our Messenger chat, or read on… 

If you prefer a compact book-pick up the A4 STANDARD edition

  • Easier to handle in the car
  • Soft cover so a little lighter
  • No photos of sites – bonus surprise

Order now A4 STANDARD CAMPS 12

Our larger B4 format EASY TO READ edition on the other hand has

  • Larger maps and text, so easier to read on road
  • Hard cover so it is sturdy/ long lasting
  • Site photos -check them out/help you decide where to stop

Bonus fold-out symbol summary at the end of the book.

Order now B4 EASY TO READ CAMPS 12

Both have a fold out map for planning, latest maps, camp sites and dump points, latest campsite type and facilities symbols, free subscription for the CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App so finding your spot for a night is as easy as ABCD!

Hope to see you on the road!

Pre-order now! Find out more and save with the deal in Messenger or add the discount code below.

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