Why WA’s Elephant Cove gave me the scare of my life!

The first time my kids EVER heard me swear was at Elephant Cove, William Bay National Park, in southern WA.

This is a beautiful destination. Insta worthy. Jaw dropping and aptly named. Huge monolithic rocks dominate the view as you reach the beach.

I treasure all four of our bambinos. It’s the typical arrangement in our family – mum says “be careful” and Dad encourages them to be adventurous.

As we lapped around Australia, and grew up surrounded by national park – truth be told I bred four mountain goats. I loved that they were adrenaline junkies, competent swimmers and nippers, eager to explore nature.

They often ran ahead (I did keep close hold on the Kings Canyon Rim Walk) but our ten year old was so excited by the elephant rocks he and the younger brother started climbing.


By that stage Heatley, my eldest two and I could see them from the entrance.

In fact, this is the photo I took just before …

And then, he disappeared!

Now, we could see the surf under the rocks. However, we couldn’t see how deep or wide the chasm was that he had tackled. What felt like long seconds, all I could comprehend was my #3 child had been swallowed by the rocks.

Then: “I’m ok!” said a very little voice. I could breathe again. I’m sure my grey hairs started to grow right then and there.

Scratched and bruised, he climbed his way out.

Hearts slowing, we explored the spectacular beach and neighboring Greens Pool.

So despite the magical entrance through elephant rocks, a beautiful beach on a picture perfect winter day, Elephant Cove holds mixed memories.

Heatley kindly stopped into a cidery not far away. It seriously was the best cider I’d ever tasted. I bought a box!

Not normally into cider, I’m sure in my hectic state of mind any booze would have tasted amazing. Needless to say, it took me months to finish the last bottle. (Even though it was delicious.)

Do put it on your list. I would love to go back and explore more of the coastline around Denmark, Western Australia. Find camps sites nearby is Parry Beach in CAMPS 12 or Caravan Parks near Denmark.

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