Australia’s calling!

I’m very excited – we have been wanting to catch up with two other families on a camping get-together, beach-side in April. Today it is booked, and all we have to do is pack when the time comes! Plus we’re taking our family outback this year (hurrah!) AND next weekend is a family reunion.

It’s been a while since my mum, two sisters, brother and I, our partners and kids have all merged to the same location. We’ve had wonderful holidays together over the years – I remember Wooli and Toonumbar Dam (pictured) in northern NSW. Generally lots of water, kayaks, rock jumping and treks are involved. They just don’t happen often enough!

Toonumbar Dam does not look like this at the moment. Check out our Facebook page to see photos taken only a week ago by the Kyogle Fishing Club !

So on Australia Day we’ll be enjoying our family and the great outdoors – and I hope you are too! In this e-news, read about a new pub camp in NSW, a farm stay in WA and another waterside location in Qld. On top of that is a holiday thing to do and an update from our social media, plus our first recipe feature!

Enjoy your long weekend, and remember we still have over a month of summer left. I hope it is more kind – with welcome rain and a stop to these bushfires.



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