History and views at freedom camp, Mount Britton, Queensland

Mount Britton, Queensland - Image Bert Scott
Mount Britton, Queensland - Image Bert Scott

Mount Britton is an abandoned gold mining town, founded in 1880 and noted to be a ‘spooky’ yet very interesting site. Mount Britton is 42 km north west of Nebo, or 122 km south west of Mackay, in north Queensland.

When visiting, it is hard to believe that in the goldmining era in 1883, Mount Britton was a thriving township with a population of 1500 and services that included; a post and telegraph office, lands office, school of the arts, numerous hotels, stores, butcher and baker. By 1884, the town was declining with the best gold areas already mined, and most businesses closed by 1887. Mining ceased in 1890.

Mount Britton, Queensland - Image Bert Scott

Today Mount Britton still holds evidence of this once prosperous mining town, with many old mining equipment and materials still on site. There is a lookout, a mining display, and several rustic shelters containing high quality period prints and an information board on the history of the area.

Make sure you use the donation box next to the tap. A drop toilet is available, views and fire pits. There is plenty of room for Big Rigs, there is 7.5 km of dirt road.

Mount Britton, Queensland - Image Bert Scott

Nearby Moonlight Dam in Homevale National Park offers a basic camping area, with non potable water and toilets. It is a picturesque and tranquil area for bird watching or a picnic. Budget priced, there are no pets allowed and 4WD is recommended.

Images by Bert Scott from I Love Camping Australia Wide who said Mount Britton was a “A great free camp with water and a toilet”.

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