Free camp at Mt Kosciuszko Lookout, Victoria

I was so excited the last time we visited Mt Kosciuszko Lookout (Victorian site 180 in Camps 11) – we spotted the peak itself! 

Initially I thought the white was part of the clouds – until I realised I was looking at Australia’s highest mountain. When you consider you walk up the mountain from Thredbo in NSW, it is pretty amazing you can spot it all the way from Victoria. The last time we drove through, it was hiding behind the clouds.

We were also thrilled to have made it to Victoria at all – thankfully before the lockdowns. 

This parking area is 9 km west of Omeo on the Great Alpine Road. It is also 37 km south east of the alpine village of Dinner Plain, near Hotham, or 100 km to Bright. 

The camp area is pet friendly, free and it has a 36 hour limit. It is suitable for motorhomes and caravans, with access dependent on weather conditions. You’ll find picnic tables (some shaded), mobile coverage, information boards and trees surround the mostly gravel area BUT the views are magnificent! 

You’ll find it in the CAMPS 11 book or the CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App. 

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