Set up at top secret camps and the world’s longest war memorial

Top Secret Camps Catalina Boat Wrecks, Broome, WA
Lest we forget - Over 100 lives were lost at these heritage protected World War II Catalina flying boat wrecks, Broome, WA

At eleven o’clock, on the eleventh day in the eleventh month – Aussies take time out for Remembrance Day. Heatley and I like to learn about war history as we travel, and all of these places you can do just that as well as find some top secret camps.

For instance, do you know the world’s longest war memorial? Watch this clip for the answer…


Lake Boga was a secret military camp and “home of the CATALINA”. Visit the museum and camp on the lake in Victoria…

Did you know you can explore Darwin underground with the WW2 oil storage tunnels.  There is an excellent, interactive Darwin Military Museum…

Possum Park Caravan Park was a ‘top secret’ bomb and ammunition dump. It is the largest and last on the Brisbane line of defence…
📷: Trevor Neilsen

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