Highly recommend: Silo Art Trail, North East Victoria

If you love Silo Art, pop this art trail on your list. It is all relatively close, has loads of free camping, caravan parks, old pubs and attractions – and the Murray River is not far away!

We actually camped in the Moira Precinct, NSW across the river from Barmah, before our first stop.


We met friendly Julie and Kevin at Picola Hotel and Cafe, where camping is offered. Opposite is a Picola Heritage Park – where you can read up on the interesting local history.

Heatley and Julie, Picola VIC

They said the Broken River camps are very popular – you can free camp all along the Broken River Reserves. It starts just south of Picola.

The Silo Art (by Jimmy D’Vate) just down the road – look for a hook. I didn’t see it! 


The Barmah Forest Heritage and Education Centre is a great spot to stop in. Great help in finding a drier site for the night! 

Barmah Forest Heritage and Education Centre, Nathalia VIC


Very impressed with the FREE camp, Nurmurkah Lions Park – we picked up supplies here. 

(We popped off the trail here, back north to the Murray River – finding The Big Strawberry, big cactuses and a Big Murray Cod!)


I think the paint was still drying when we saw Victoria’s latest silo art! It wasn’t until we returned back through Katamatite, that we found the new mural. It is on the south west side of town, off the road to Shepparton. Painted by Tim Bowtell, it was completed in July 2023. 

Katamatite Silo Art


More Silo Art (by Sobrane Simcock) and our over-nighter! This silo was the first painted in North East Victoria. 

We stopped at a FREE camp again, with a donation for a lovely hot shower. 

I took off for a walk back to the Silo Art and Tungamah Heritage Trail. What an interesting town to explore. There is a pub here, too! 

Our camp spot was right on the wonderfully named Boosey Creek – we relaxed by the campfire. 


Something I really enjoyed in following this trail was spotting the silos, and seeing them from afar to up close!

They were all so different on this trail. You can read about these silos (by Tim Bowtell) on the story boards.


Cam Scale’s Silo Art is a military theme. Fittingly, they were opened on ANZAC Day.

The pub wasn’t open when we were there, but there was a sign saying to look for more art. As well as the amenity block – look down the laneway for more beautiful art about the railway station. 

Devenish Railway Art


Our final stop on the Silo Art Trail. Check out these giant Clydesdales and Barking Owl by Jimmy D’Vate. Wow! 

We missed the Sophia painting in the church, by Matta Adnate. But we’ll be back. A good mate lives nearby, and we can also rate the popular Goorambat Railway Hotel – also a camp! 

Lucky us, we returned to here  and highly recommend. I loved my souvlaki (you don’t find it in Queensland pub grub) and especially my lunch view to the silos! 


Just 15 minutes on, Benalla is a lovely town – excellent for your supplies, eateries, a free camp AND Ned Kelly history. 

And if you love your art – there are mural after murals to spot in town!

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