Take me back to my caravan

Housework. Piles of washing. Mess. Groceries. One computer smouldering and one phone line down (our CAMPS line survived the storm). Then the ultimate – dealing with Telstra.

Oh, take me back to last weekend, we scrambled three nights and managed to have our entire crew, and some of their mates, together. 

If you are planning to stay around Southport or Main Beach, join the Surf Club. Main Beach Surf Club was across the road from the Main Beach Tourist Park – and it won me with their $18 member’s only steak, which included a standard drink at the bar.

Times four we had our $10 investment back in an instant. And those steaks were GOOD.

After a night off the kitchen, the next morning was even better. A walk and swim before breakfast. A puzzle page and cuppa, I knew that bacon and eggs were on their way (pictured). Courtesy of my husband. 

But what did we do? More walks and swims, some boardgames and importantly, I finished a book. 

Now the eldest is back to work during the uni break, our daughter finishes up mid month with her Army Gap Year, and the two youngest are home. One week left of school…. perhaps we can scrounge another weekend away before Christmas?

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