What else can you do to make your free listing on newly updated CAMPS AND CARAVAN PARKS AUSTRALIA WIDE App even better?

You are also very welcome to email us (leisa@campsaustraliawide.com) a paragraph (no more than 150 words please) to attract people to your park and area. Talk about other things not mentioned in your listing or symbols – do you have a jumping pillow or a games room, is your camp kitchen enclosed? Are you on a river, or close to a swimming hole or beach? 

Also include more about your destination. What day trips do your visitors enjoy? Are you close to museums, parks, walking trails or other tourist attractions?

Of course, if you have any queries – please give us a call. To download the new version of App, with updates of Camps and Caravan Parks around Australia – search for CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE on your App store today!

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