What is open (and not) for camping in Cowra, New South Wales

Cowra by Cowra Tourism
Cowra by Cowra Tourism

We recently had a query in our Facebook Group – if bookings were needed at Farleigh reserve near Cowra?  This is NSW site 542 in Camps 10 or you can find it in the Camps Australia Wide App

Cowra Shire Council advised that they have: “two recognised camping locations they manage, Cowra Van Park and Gooloogong Primitive Camping Ground which are open with restrictions in place. I would direct you to Cowra Council’s website and the latest COVID-19 updates are located on the site.”

Unfortunately, the only information I could find on council’s website about the COVID updates doesn’t say the Cowra Van Park opened on June 1. Only that it:

“is the latest to close due to the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. Following the issuing this week of a Public Health Order by the NSW Government, the Cowra Van Park, as well as Fairleigh Reserve, Phillips Crossing and Gooloogong Campground will be closed until further notice.”

“The Public Health Order from the NSW Government was issued on Thursday 26 March 2020 and states that all caravan parks and camping grounds must close except for the purpose of those accommodating permanent residents (ie caravan park/campground managers) or other persons who have no other place of permanent residence.”

For now, using COVID as an excuse for closures when other campsites in the region are up and running doesn’t make sense.

Nor does closing camp areas when Australian camping holidays are pitched for an all time boom in 2021. It is particularly these natural locations, like Farleigh Reserve, that travellers will seek out.

You can contact council@cowra.nsw.gov.au for more information. 


Cowra Van Park – NSW site 136 in Caravan Parks 5

Cowra Holiday Park – NSW site 137 in Caravan Parks 5

Gooloogong Primitive Camping Ground NSW site 549 in Camps 10 (known as Maisie Thompson Camping Ground)

Cowra Overnight Rest Stop – NSW site 540 in Camps 10

Cowra Showground – NSW site 541 in Camps 10


Fairleigh Reserve – NSW site 542 in Camps 10

Phillips Crossing – on our Camps Australia Wide App (as all the sites are)



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