Open up for travel inspiration, fuel savers and 8 camps from all over Australia

Heatley with Camps Pendium

How has your week been? Will you be camping for Easter holidays? Do let us know where you’ll be.

We are pleased to hear from many that fuel prices won’t stop your travels. Included are some suggestions to help you save on your fuel and camping.

Plus here are some wonderful stops for your camping: a favourite station stay in Queensland, an outback SA town near the Flinders Ranges, as well as four camps near a NT icon (a couple are pricey, and a couple are free).

Then there are more FREE camps – one at a winery in Victoria’s Gippsland coast (sounds good to me, too) and finally a spot we LOVED in Tassie. Heatley is pictured showing the listing for this camp in the CAMPS Pendium. Click here to find out more about the new CAMPS Pendium book set.

Actually, there were so many locations we enjoyed in Tasmania. It was so far away from the big cities, yet still had toilets, showers (cold), a playground, BBQ and a beach!

Heatley and I are busy packing! We have some wonderful trips coming up in the next month – keep an eye on our socials for photos. CAMPS Pendium state books will go in the car, too – it is so light and easy to use.

Finally, remember if you are looking for travel inspiration or things to do in different Aussie towns – you’ll find plenty on our blog, Facebook group and other socials.

Find these sites and more nearby in the CAMPS guide booksnew CAMPS Pendium boxed set and CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App.

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