15 Aussie Camping Myths Exposed – no bull!


You’ve heard about drop bears, yowies and bunyips? I haven’t come across them as yet, but almost every day we hear a bogus statement. Like a cow pat, it is full of something…

Which of these camping myths are true?

1. “Free camps are disappearing and pub stays are getting shut down.”
In case you missed last week’s newsletter, we’re adding more and more sites EVERY week!

Mullewa Drive Trails
Mullewa Drive Trails the Waterfalls, WA

2. “CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE has bought another camping app.”
No, we haven’t. We are proudly Aussie owned, and a family business. Camps is your original camping app – independent, now FREE, with no bias or links to caravan park groups! More and more reviews of campsites come in every day. In fact, today I’ve already seen 34 sites reviewed in the camps App. Plus we have live fuel and gas pricing available to all camps+ premium members…

So please, stop calling our wonderful team to complain about an App we don’t own… (Instead, just download ours!)

WAIT – if you already have our paid app, keep your subscription! Importantly, because you will automatically be upgraded to the premium version camps+ – what a BONUS!

Catching up with our son at Armidale Showgrounds, NSW
Catching up with our son at Armidale Showgrounds, NSW

3. “Farmers have to pay to list their campgrounds.”
For over 23 years, CAMPS guides have listed station and farm stays across Australia. And better still, all this promotion is free. Unlike other websites and businesses, farmers do not pay us a cent for their listing. We also aim to visit as many as we can, and share our photos and videos of their amazing experiences.

Station Stay - Meeting Greg and son Joe at Nine Mile Station, Broken Hill, NSW
Station Stay - Meeting Greg and son Joe at Nine Mile Station, Broken Hill, NSW-

4. “The best spot to set up camp is right next to another RV or tent.”
Not if you can help it. See the Golden Rule of Camping (#14).

Camping myths exposed - Victoria Hill, free camp on the Condamine, QLD
Victoria Hill, free camp on the Condamine, QLD

5. “The NSW coast has loads of free camps.”
Ah, NO.
How many times do you see “I’m travelling from Brisbane to Sydney” (or vice versa) “…please tell me where I can camp for free?” The further inland or remote you travel in Australia, the more free and budget camping you’ll find. However, here’s our budget suggestions for the Pacific Highway.

CAMPS at Macksville, New South Wales
CAMPS at Macksville, New South Wales

6. “You can’t camp at vineyards and breweries.”
We happily list many cellar doors and breweries.

7. “There aren’t enough camps and caravan parks that are pet friendly.”
In fact, we actually have more pet friendly sites in our guides than those that specify ‘no pets allowed’. Here’s a sample.

8. “Camp food tastes horrible.”
Well, you haven’t been camping with us, then, have you? You need to check out our CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE Community Cook Book or some of our easy camping recipes! Camping food can be delicious. Like the beach, everything tastes better when you are camping. Except offal, nothing helps there!

9. “Romantic getaways don’t include camping.”
Yes, some scenarios don’t lend themselves to romance – mozzies, sunburn, screaming kids, teething babies, helicopter vomits by toddlers in a tent… All personally experienced, by the way! Instead, let’s think about the most spectacular sunsets you will ever witness, magnificent waterfalls (perhaps all to yourselves), remote locations, dramatic night skies filled with stars, cosying up to the campfire – you get the picture?

Beachport, VIC
Beachport, VIC

10. “You can camp anywhere you like in Australia.”
There are quite a few sites that allow dispersed camping, but this is in a specific area, like a conservation park. In the main, locals don’t appreciate backpackers or stealth campers weeing (or worse) next door, or cleaning up their dirty sanitary pads at local school grounds. (Now, they are true stories.) At CAMPS, we know the majority of campers dispose of their rubbish and bodily wastes responsibly – it is the minority that wreck it for everyone else. If you don’t want to be fined or moved on in the middle of the night, get our App or guides! 

Camping myths exposed - Cape Northumberland, Port MacDonnell, SA
Cape Northumberland, Port MacDonnell, SA

11. “You can’t connect and chat to fellow travellers and your family via a camping app.”
It was until recently, that is. To our knowledge, ours is the first social camping app in the world! It lets you chat with other campers, or helps keep you in touch with family and friends via the App with its own social feed. So you can ask questions, check out reviews and not be bothered about all the stuff that clogs up your feed in other socials. Give it a try!

12. “You need a lot of gear if you are going to go camping.”
Our son takes his esky, swag, chairs and camp oven. Maybe a shade sail. Done. Even with our four kids, we had loads of good times with the tent, blow up beds, a camping table, chairs and not much more! And, you do not need a 4WD. There are ample sites accessible in conventional vehicles. We do have some advice for packing… 

Carree Campground, K'gari Fraser Island by Adams Family Travels
Carree Campground, K'gari Fraser Island by Adams Family Travels

13. “Free camps are only worth staying at if you want to save money.”
Yes, it is a bonus there is no fee. But what I love most about freedom camping is the space, the bush, the views, the wildlife and NOT booking!

Free camp near Basket Swamp Falls
Free camp near Basket Swamp Falls

14. “Freedom campers are freeloaders.”
The research is in – from many Aussie towns. Free and budget camping options bring tourists and their dollars to communities. Fullstop.

Supporting the Timboon community in VIC
Supporting the Timboon community in VIC

 15. “You’ve seen one caravan park, you’ve seen them all.”
Camps Australia Wide is all about choice. And did you know we list a caravan park that is free?  No matter the type of camping you want – farm or ocean views, jumping pillows or remote waterholes, counter meals or flushing toilets – we’ve got you covered! 

Discovery Parks Lake Argyle, WA
Discovery Parks Lake Argyle, WA

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