Camping changes and what to see and do at Quorn, South Australia

Please update your book listings for Quorn – the Quorn Caravan Park, Flinders Ranges in SA (pictured) is open.

Flinders Ranges Council have advised now the caravan park renovations are complete, Quorn Town Oval – which was opened during renos – is permanently closed for camping.

Although this is updated in the Camps Australia Wide App – people are trying to stay. Hoping you can help spread the word please?

The caravan park is walking distance to town and surrounded by parkland. Here’s what our Camps Community members said:

Ann Babbe:
‘Loved our stay at Quorn Caravan Park.  Lovely bushy park with lots of birds.  Very friendly owners who went out of their way to be helpful.  For those in the Flinders Ranges it is a great stop to regroup…
Light show on the Silo was interesting. Loved the old character of the town and highly recommend Tea on Terrace.’

Quorn, South Australia - Silo Light Show- Image Ann Babbe
Silo Light Show - Image Ann Babbe

Anne Dearle:

‘We have arrived in Quorn, SA.  A lovely caravan park which backs onto the railway station.  Such a beautiful drive from Burra.  The caravan park is a couple of minutes walk to the town centre.   We came to see the light show on the silos.  The undulating green hills, ploughed fields and sheep in the paddocks was beautiful to see.  We are staying a couple of nights.  Fabulous light show.  It is a one hour show.  Like sitting at the pictures.  There was a welcome by the aboriginal elders, talks on the waterways and much more.’

Quorn, South Australia - Silo Mural - Image Anne Dearle
Image Anne Dearle

More things to do:
🚐Visit #mtremarkablenationalpark  and #flindersrangesnational park
🚐 Pichi Richi Railway for train trips and workshop tours. The Coffee Pot is the only one of its kind in the world!
🚐 Check out the history and heritage walk – Quorn was settled in 1878
🚐 See the botanic garden, art galleries and pubs!
🚐 Lots of movies were filmed here – including ‘The water diviner’ and ‘Gallipoli’
🚐 4WD tracks
🚐 Check out the old ghost town of Bruce and Kanyaka Ruins
🚐 Devils Peak walking trail
🚐 More hikes and camping at Dutchman’s Stern Conservation Park (walk-in camping only) and Warren Gorge

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