How they did it!

We sat down with Robyn to find out just how much effort went into their big lap, and the response was ‘very little’. “We bit the bullet and spent good money on the right van for starters,” Robyn says “After that we followed our Camps Australia Wide book clockwise around the coastline. Our fist caravan park stop was in Canarvon in WA – about 5 months into our trip. 12 months of travel and only six nights in a caravan park – we save $10,000 we reckon!”s

Robyn told us she’ed try and stay a week at a time at free camps to make the most of the region. “Day trips radiating from the base is much cheaper.” Robyn says.

3 tips to help with free camping;

  1. Alternate the water sources, Robyn told us they fill up at Showgrounds, footy fields and info centres so they dont have to fill up at caravan parks.
  2. Cook outside, Robyn uses a $14 gas stove to cook on. Cooking inside smells up the van, and you’ll naturally use more water to clean your fancy van than your old table and stove outside.
  3. Hand washing your clothes. “we take a a washing machine with us and use when we can get access to a tap. if not, its hand washing for us – it works fine and means your water stocks will last longer”

From the team at caravan and motorhome  mag