GOLD WINNER: Charlotte Plains – a station stay at Cunnamulla, Queensland

Charlotte Plains station stay, Cunnamulla, Queensland

Charlotte Plains is the stuff that bucket lists are made of!  We met the lovely Russell family – and the owner’s grandkids sold us firewood. No L plates needed out here!

Congratulations to them all – this month they won gold for Best Grey Nomad Farm or Station Stay, Best Grey Nomad Tour silver award and bronze for Best Grey Nomad Attraction Award.

It is no surprise to me! We loved our camp beside the hot artesian waters – “taking the waters” was our first port of call. It was so warm!

Busy when we were there, the old baths were popular – they were dotted all along the waters edge. There are some larger baths – old water tanks that groups were enjoying. But you can sink into the waterway and relax anywhere, so we did!

Heatley said the water was SOOO hot coming out of the bore, you couldn’t stay under for long.

The unpowered camping area is vast, with vans and camper trailers parked right along the waterway.

There is wifi at the shed – but we enjoyed our lack of contact with the world outside the station.

There is also a loo available here.

What a fantastic night it was, fireside under the stars and some camp cooking!

The central fire pit overlooks the bore baths. A nice spot to chat to other travellers, too.

Those outback night skies are amazing!

Winter was chilly. Already up – we laughed at the early morning antics of some running back in the hot mineral waters. After a hot brekky, we continued on, past the historic woolshed.

This is where the powered campground is – with facilities and some accommodation.

Charlotte Plains is 46 km east of Cunnamulla in QLD – you’ll find it in Camps 11 and CAMPS Pendium and the CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App.. There is 15 km of dirt road to the homestead, follow the signs and book online well before.

Make sure you check out Cunnamulla! Next time, we’ll do an award winning daily property tour.

Charlotte Plains by @_readytoroam
Charlotte Plains by @_readytoroam

Thanks to @_readytoroam for their beautiful drone image.

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