No camping at Lake Hart, Outback South Australia

Have you camped at Lake Hart, in outback SA? It is known for its spectacular sunsets, walk to the salt lake… Worth stopping for wonderful views over the lake, and possibly the Ghan!

An update from CAMPS traveller, Michael Lennon: “Last night we camped at Lake Hart Lookout together with the occupants of between 15 and 20 caravans/motorhomes/tents etc. This morning when leaving, just before driving onto the Stuart Highway we were confronted by the sign in the attached photograph. The wording was not printed on both sides and so the campers were not made aware, before they drove in and stayed for the night, that it is not a camping area.”

SA traffic management operational instructions allow reasonable (24 hour or so) fatigue management stops in rural rest areas. They discourage long term stays at this popular spot. 

This site did have a red tick of approval – but no more. Please obey signage when you travel, and update us if you see changes – like Michael – thank you!

Do check up on your rest area info in the front of your books. Rules vary from state to state, and even region to region. It is SA site 454 in CAMPS 11 and 579 in CAMPS Pendium. Please update your books or check the CAMPS App.

Find this site and more nearby in the CAMPS guide books, CAMPS Pendium boxed set and CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App.

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