New Campground – Billabong Creek in Rand

The community of Rand welcome travellers to their new site, Billabong Creek as a free camp for self contained vehicles. Rand is a small community 70 kilometres North West of Albury between the Hume and Newell highways and a good route for those travelling in a North-South direction.

Rand has about 70 residents in a reliable mixed farming area in the Southern Riverina. The all weather accessible site is in the town, next to the bridge, on the bank of the Billabong which is an  iconic permanent stream lined with large red gums.

Pets are no problem, there’s plenty of room for them to run around and big rigs and groups of campers.

There is a hotel with a small shop selling a limited range of necessities, about 100 meters away, where you access toilets when open, and can get a meal most nights. Toilets and new playground equipment at the sports ground about 300 metres away. The town also has a bowling club and a 9 hole golf course.

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