Is this Australia’s best camp kitchen?

Yes, the view is impressive, but so is what is inside! After Kingscliff Beach Holiday Park had their makeover, I do believe this camp kitchen may be THE best I have seen yet!

What do you think? Where have you found amazing camp kitchens? When we lapped with our tribe, we were grateful to find a stove! Once we found an oven. Salivating we purchased oven fries, crumbed chicken, and an apple pie.

When we got back to the caravan park, we found out the gas oven was not even hooked up! Apple pies don’t go so well on a BBQ plate! But we tried. It was a very disappointing dinner.

There is nothing to deflate about this new building at Kingscliff. Here’s what we liked:

  • Indoor and outdoor settings with ample seating
  • Plush seating outside too
  • TV/lounge area (and the TV is big)
  • Spacious, clean and bright with modern furnishings
  • Two kitchen areas
  • Four BBQs inside
  • Easy access to amenities block
  • And yes it is worth repeating – views to the beach!

The Camps Australia Wide Community Cookbook is now available for pre-order. Plus it is out in time for your Christmas presents. Buy it here! 



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