Help the camp at Heritage Wines, Queensland reopen

Heritage Estate Wines are closed for camping, awaiting a permit from council (Site 882 in Camps 10). Situated just north of Stanthorpe, in the Granite Belt of Queensland, known for it’s beautiful wineries and fresh produce.

Owner Bryce Kassulke told CAMPS, “The cellar door is just off the highway so it is easy to get to. There’s a cheese factory, Sutton’s (they’re real famous for their apple pies) Vincenzo’s and us. It is a little hub for people to discover. 

Five beautiful acres under the trees, as long as you are fully self contained. All the people that stayed here were happy. It was only positive.”

There was no charge for camping, travellers were asked to patronise the cellar door.

However, council were advised of the camping, and the camp area has had to close. 

Right now Bryce is readying the application, trying to prove to council that people want to stay. 

“The building was a Catholic Church outside the city limits  – it sat here for two or three years with no use. We bought it, it is nearly 100 years old. People remark on how beautiful it is. We did a few conversions, there’s a new set of toilets, a lovely kitchen and cellar door,” said Bryce. 

This parking area at 747 Granite Belt Drive, Thulimbah.  Although camping is closed – the cellar door is open! 

Here’s how you can help! Please send your words or letters of support to, or make a comment on our Facebook page and we’ll forward it on to Bryce and the team. 

In the meantime, please mark in your CAMPS 10 book that the free camp is temporarily closed. We’ll let you know when that changes.

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