We’re into April already! Hello to all the other Ariens out there – hope you are enjoying your birthdays. 

School holidays start in QLD as I write, it will be wonderful to have more of our tribe together. We’ve reached some milestones this week – finally graduating from Nippers – hurrah! What a wonderful opportunity for our kids, all growing up into lifesavers. I’ve been on the beach Sunday mornings from Spring to Easter, since 2005! 

Another holiday-changing event, is our 3rd has turned 16, and is the proud owner of L plates!  Heatley and I are back in the passenger seat. (!)

This newsletter, you travel to a remote location in WA, to a pub in NSW and there’s hints for your Easter camping. Wherever you are, enjoy! (And send us a photo please?)

Remember to support pubs – spend a few dollars when you stop the night, and use donation boxes, like this to keep these camps alive. (This donation box is from Ross Creek Store, QLD no. 206 in Camps 10.)