Reset for 2023

“Instead of a trip of a lifetime, plan a lifetime of trips.”

This is one of our CAMPS’ mottos. And it’s a good one, don’t you think? Our last newsletter of the year is all about ensuring great adventures for you in 2023. 

Now all the Christmas festivities are past us, many of us are planning the year ahead. Over the next few weeks, we’ll take you step by step, how we decide on, plan and organise our many trips! 

So how do you go about planning a trip? There’s probably no right or wrong way to go about it. You can work it all out online, or with pen and paper. We’ve broken it down to 5 steps – and here are the first two steps:

Step 1 – Check dates

Firstly, you need a 2023 calendar. Highlight any events you (or your travel buddies/family) have coming up for the year. Some of those events might be a trip in itself, or incorporated into a larger plan. Slot in big birthdays or family reunions. Who knows, you may be able to be able to combine a family event with one of your chosen destinations! 

For example, we’ll be off to a December graduation in Canberra, a May uni parent’s ball in NSW and there’s snow season in Victoria… 

Now, if you have kids in school then you may be wondering IF this is the year for a longer trip. Parents, you’ll want to read this

Step 2 – Set your travel goals

Assess what you really want to achieve. You might already know how you want to travel, but what are your priorities? Heatley and I love to find brilliant hikes, views, swims, support smaller towns and not always know where we’ll be for a night. Another thing we enjoy is chatting to locals and other travellers as we trip around. We like to travel on roads we’ve never been to. The two previous owners travelled just about everywhere in Australia. Having owned CAMPS for almost 5 years, we’ve still got a lot to experience! 

But what about you and yours? Sporting events, festivals, fishing, wine trails, silo art trails, searching BIG things? A couple of years back our outback Queensland trip was driven by farm and station stays, with our two youngest kids. It was amazing – we all learnt so much! 

If you aren’t sure about what you want, that’s okay. You’ll learn as you go.  So get going and “plan a lifetime of trips”!

TIP: Book your Christmas campground or caravan park now for 2023! If you are still searching for a camping getaway in peak periods – we have 12 tips for finding last minute campgrounds and caravan parks. Use our CAMPS App and guides to help you!

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