Must Dos in Broome, Western Australia

Cable Beach - Image by Overland Exposure
Cable Beach - Image by Overland Exposure

Broome is remote! It is almost 2000 km to drive from Darwin, and over 2000km to Perth. When we initially planned our trip we just couldn’t fit it in. At Home Valley Station, which we had planned as our turnaround spot, we decided to extend our trip. I was so pleased, partly because I would finally see Broome!

Here’s what our family loved. 

1. Pearl Luggers
Seriously don’t miss the Pearl Luggers, it was awesome! We all learnt so much about the industry, the history and early Broome. We tasted pearl meat and held a HUGE pearl.

2. Cable Beach
A camel ride on Cable Beach is a bit of iconic Broome. We didn’t try that BUT we enjoyed hte sunset watching others bounce along. It really is a beautiful beach. 

Broome - Cable Beach - Do a bit of rockhopping whilst you are there...
Do a bit of rockhopping whilst you are there...

3. Pearl Farm

This was another worthy expedition. Driving out to the farm was FUN. The boat ride was interesting, especially knowing that the crocs were plentiful. So was seeing how harvesting occurs and cleaning shells. Just learning how a pearl begins was very cool. The demo after was amazing – because no. 2 son was chosen to open the oyster and find the pearl. His eyes were so big – almost as much as mine afterwards when I walked out of their delicious showroom with my own Broome pearl ring. Everytime I wear it, I remember our time in the tropics. 

4. Dinosaur Footprints

Broome really does have it all. Even dinosaurs! There was a big queue for this at Gantheaume Point – you have to time the tides right to get a look. And it is a rocky, slippery walk down. Pretty special, though! Apparently they go for 80 km! You can also spot them at Roebuck Bay, Cable Beach and Reddell Beach. Check out the Dinosaur Coast Track Guide App and brochure for more information.

5. Gantheaume Point

This headland is only 5 minutes drive from town and look at those colours! The red of the cliffs meeting the beautiful ocean hues. There is a bit of history here too with the lighthouse and keepers.

6. Visit Town Beach

Just to look at the beach, not for swims – but there is a playground there for the kids, whilst you admire the views. We enjoyed a picnic! This is near where you’ll see the famous Staircase to the Moon. You have to time that right, too!

7. More coastline and colours

We explored the Deep Water Port and Reddell Beach. There is a self guided walk.

Plus we indulged in some retail therapy, serviced the motorhome and sat in a cafe. It was SO good to see a teapot. Lots of pearl shops. Lots of them! The next day we visited markets and grocery shopped.

Broome, I reckon we’ll return to see that staircase.

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