Camping fees introduced for Irwin Shire Council, Western Australia

Knobby Head - image is courtesy Jono & Amy from @sameskydifferenthorizon
Knobby Head - image is courtesy Jono & Amy from @sameskydifferenthorizon

Irwin Shire Council have shared good news and sad news. We’re pleased to hear that campsites are now open (well half of them). A decision was made to add a charge per vehicle per night of $20, 3 nights minimum. Unfortunately the other sites are closed- the town oval so they can ‘support caravan parks’. No surprise the council only compared prices in their region, and invited stakeholders included these other shires without free sites, and caravan park owners. I wonder how the other business owners of Dongara Denison feel about these changes? And interesting to know why prices are higher than neighbouring shire’s campsites but offers less facilities? We urge council to include the local commerce/tourism chamber or group, other businesses with camping as their mainstay (like camping stores, petrol stations, fishing stores etc). A local caravanning club or the CMCA could also provide assistance and advice.

Knobby Head is one of the campsites now open (after COVID) in their beautiful Dongara Denison area, WA site 436 in Camps 10 or find it on the Camps Australia Wide App. This image is courtesy Jono & Amy from @sameskydifferenthorizon


Cliff Head (North and South)
Knobby Head
Freshwater Point


Seven Mile Beach – closed because it has ‘no infrastructure to support eco-friendly nature based camping in a sustainable manner’. If budget allows may be added as another camping spot once amenities are built. ‘It is recommended that self contained vehicles be redirected to local caravan parks in the interim’.

Another misconception is that people need facilities to camp. There are so many self contained vehicles out there, very conscious of the practice to “leave no trace”. If you have roving patrols, Seven Mile Beach could operate now under a donation system as well, without facilities.

Dongara Town Oval – RV Overnight Stay Will only operate as an overflow with a fee, when all caravan parks are full. 

The dump point at the 24 hour rest stop will remain open.

Thanks to Michael Lennon for sending us the council minutes! 



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