Budget oceanside camp at Eagle Bluff, Shark Bay, Western Australia

Eagle Bluff is one of four coastal sites south of Denham. It is located in the  UNESCO Shark Bay World Heritage Area, 22 km from Denham. 

From high cliffs and 400 metre boardwalk overlooking Denham Sound, we spotted lots of marine and bird life here. Keep your eyes out for ospreys, dugongs, dolphins, sharks and rays.

Camping at Eagle Bluff is located 2 km down the 4 km access track to the board walk on your right hand side. It is one night only at this pristine location and there are no amenities. 

All four sites, including Fowlers Camp, Whalebone Bay and Goulet Bluff are accessible via 2WD vehicles on unsealed roads, however, caution is advised. Please drive to conditions and take care in larger vehicles. 

There is a maximum four cars per campsite, bookings are taken on a first come, first serve basis.

Help protect this beautiful destination:

Ÿ  All vehicles must display a permit

Ÿ  Camp in designated areas only

Ÿ  Quiet hours 10pm – 6am

Ÿ  Camp fires are strictly prohibited

Ÿ  Stay on tracks and do not drive on sandbars or vegetation

Ÿ  Chemical toilets or port-a-loos are required.  Otherwise ensure that waste is buried

Ÿ  All rubbish must be removed from the site.

Permits are only issued on the day that you intend to camp, from the Shark Bay Discovery and Visitor Centre. There are no advance bookings, and you cannot buy permits from the onsite ranger.

Find out more about the permits and site in the CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App and guides

Images by CAMPS Ambassadors, Dale and Tracey from Adams Family Travels

Visit here for more images and things to do around Shark Bay.

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