Camp with AMAZING views at Pender Bay Escape, Western Australia

Pender Bay Escape is Western Australia site 662 in Camps 11 or find it in the Camps Australia Wide App.

Located approximately 190km north of Broome, Pender Bay really is an amazing spot to camp. With most sites overlooking Pender Bay, a booking really is a must. The cost is $20 per adult per night and kids are free.

There are a couple of toilets and showers but they are a fair distance from a lot of the camp sites.

Is there nothing better than watching the sunset while sitting around your own private fire pit?

Plenty of fish are caught off the beach and if you are camped there between July and October you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a humpback whale on its annual migration. There are no pets allowed and use of a drone is prohibited here

Pender Bay is also home to Love Heart Rock.

And for the lucky guests who camp on site C2, there are two bath tubs situated on the cliff top to enjoy.

It is also one of the few places along the west coast of Australia that you can see the sun rise out of the ocean.

Thanks to Adams Family Travels for their update.

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