BEST Apps for Aussie Laps and Camping in 2024

Best Apps - Woodstock, NSW

For the last three weeks we’ve travelled the NSW coast, into Gippsland, Victoria and are now in the High Country. In fact, half of last year been been on the road, and in 2024 we’ll clock up even more kilometres and months exploring.

(‘Work and play’ says Heatley – auditing campsites but also experiencing everything our beautiful country offers and sharing it with our community of travellers.)

So, here are the apps we’ve been using as we roadtrip …

1. Camps Australia Wide App

I know, right? Of course we’re going to spruik our own app. However, over the last few months we’ve had a few changes, like the Camps Australia Wide App is now free!

We also have offline maps and they are fantastic (yes, a small charge or available with our premium camps+) plus we list day use sites as well as camps. We’re actually the ones to first use Big Rig symbols, we also have 4WD symbols plus every site is verified by our team, so less duplicate sites.

As far as I know, we are the only app where you can see the type of camp by the symbol colour (so if you love showgrounds or pub stays or national parks or free camps you just look for that symbol)! No need to use filters but they are still available, too. Plus we are 100% independent, and owned by an Aussie family. So please agree the love!

2. Borrow Box

I always carry actual books on our trips. However, I am loving the iPad for reading late into the night on our RV without turning the bed lamp on. At the moment, I’m reading a series (Seven Sisters books) and love that I can download the next one ready to go, as soon as I’ve finished the first.

Borrow Box is a free app, provided by our library. I just needed my library log ins to organise. Check it out or ask at a local Aussie library. 

3. Willy Weather

Again – handy for tides as much as weather for me.

4. Spotify

Still a fave. When we are working on a road yet untraveled, we don’t listen to music or podcasts. It is only on those roads that are all too familiar – podcasts help while away the hours. Of course, I use this app all the time at home – and I love the yearly roundup of your most played tunes.

5. Altitude

Heatley loves checking out how high up we are – especially in the high country and alpine areas of Australia. Do you know, we visited an Alpine bog near Glen Innes last year – and it was interesting there, too! 

6. Les Mills

A new addition to my apps. Not cheap, but there are good deals with yearly subscription. Love being able to access workouts as we travel (low impact and body balance, too). The instructors so far are from New Zealand, and their banter is also fun.

7. Canon Connect

Great to be able to easily see my camera images via this app.

Have a look at how this list has changed since our best travel apps in 2022!



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