10 GIFTS I’d love for Mother’s Day

Mum time, with daughter, Kate and another camping mum, Lillie camping at Flinders Beach, North Stradbroke Island QLD
Mum time, with daughter, Kate and another camping mum, Lillie
camping at Flinders Beach, North Stradbroke Island QLD

Since I’m a camping/vanlife-loving Mum, here’s what is on my list for Mother’s Day…

1. CAMPS App

If you don’t have it, get it! Pretty soon a major upgrade is coming, and you’ll thank me.

2. Breakfast, lunch or dinner

You don’t have to take me out, instead cook me a meal! Our CAMPS COMMUNITY COOK BOOK may just come in handy!

A scone in Scone for Mother's Day! Made in Scone Cafe, NSW
A scone in Scone! Made in Scone Cafe, NSW

3. CAMPSPendium

CAMPS 12 is awesome, too. However, this week I was asked: what is the lightest CAMPS guide? If that is what appeals to you – CAMPSpendium has individual state guides, these weigh the least. The box kit they are in is heavy, however, each one is really light to have on your lap as you’re navigating. And it combines free and budget camps with caravan parks in each state book. I think it is my favourite.

Have a look here – Heatley shows the guide or it is listed in our shop here.

4. Book

Novels please for me! I don’t mind if they are secondhand, like another Ian Rankin I’ve just finished (Scottish police murder action). They are permission to relax. Here’s a few I have loved lately

Book swap at Glen Davis Campground, NSW
Book swap at Glen Davis Campground, NSW

5. Concert

Take your pick – opera, pop, amateur, cabaret – local, amateur or professional – yes please. And if I can camp out the back – even better! And see No. 10.

6. New games

Thanks to Bruce from Big Family, Little Income – these are on my list: One Night Werewolf, Mandala, Jaipur, Tsuro, Dutch Blitz, Imperial Settlers. They will add to our Five Crowns, that Heatley keeps demolishing me with!

Five Crowns Heatley warming up to destroy me
Five Crowns Heatley warming up to destroy me

7. Flowers

Yes, still a favourite! I know, they die – but the brownie points linger on.

8. Tea

(Or coffee if it is your thing). Leaves are great, bags fine, too. (Kids, I love Gorgeous Geisha, Twinings peppermint and spearmint, pukka three mint and green rooibos please.)

9. A blow up kayak

Truly! We’re planning on visiting lots more rivers on our next trip, so how good would that be?

CAMPS Ambassadors Overland Exposure
CAMPS Ambassadors Overland Exposure

10. Seriously, anything with you kids!

When I was younger, the presents were more about me having time to myself – bath salts to indulge, a movie voucher, a pedicure and what not.

Now I’m an almost empty-nester. You can still give me a movie voucher or pedicure for Mother’s Day, but come with me! It is time with my now adult kiddies that I love.

Better still, organise a camping getaway with your old Mum – and I’ll bring Dad along, too!

A card and a phone call are also wonderful. A hug or neck massage from you are even better!


Don’t make fun of having to help me with computer stuff (or remotes, any tech stuff)

…I taught you how to use a spoon.

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Currango Homestead, Kosciuszko National Park NSW
Currango Homestead, Kosciuszko National Park NSW



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