Health Retreat and camp: Four Corners Farm Stay, Nymagee, New South Wales

Four Corners Image credit Paul Zuccarello via Instagram
Four Corners Image credit Paul Zuccarello via Instagram

Outback born and bred, Ken, Anita and Katelyn Burcher welcome you to Four Corners, a 23,000-acre working station.

We wrote this article a few years back when the drought was on….


Anita is an art tutor and qualified massage therapist and has set up an outback healing centre.

“We’ve had four good years in 20, more recently the last two-and-a-half to three years, and we’re still paying the last drought off. It is marginal country out here.”

Anita predicts it will be 10-15 years they’ll be recovering from this drought.

“We’ve the very minimum number of breeding stock, and just the sheep we couldn’t catch when we trucked up. A lot of people are in the same boat.”

Four Corners Farmstay Australian - Kelpie image
Four Corners Farmstay Australian - Kelpie image

Their farm stay is almost in the middle of New South Wales. There are toilets and showers but please bring your own drinking water.

Pets are on application only and it is big rig friendly. BBQ, fireplaces, picnic tables and shade. Note there are limited powered sites.

Come and observe seasonal activities like mustering, shearing, fencing, stunning sunrises and sunsets and night skies. Amble around the homestead tracks or go for a bush walk. Take an art lesson or book a massage! 

Book a tour around the property with your hosts and learn about plants and bush tucker.

Try your hand at the camp oven, bring a fishing rod for one of the well-stocked ground tanks or just sit around the campfire and spin yarns.

Spot the locals – kangaroos and wallabies, emus and eagles, wrens and robins, bearded dragons and goannas – just to name a few!

If you’re an artist, writer or photographer, come for a retreat.

Let the rich red soils, towering gums, and natural beauty of the land inspire you.

“It’s really good to have the connect between city and country, and great to have people come out and support us!  Sometimes having a cup of tea with someone is better than a counsellor.”

Four Corners Farmstay is 8 km south of Nymagee township on Burthong Road.

PLEASE PHONE TO BOOK: 0438 683 626.

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