Darling River Run Greats: Dunlop Station, Louth, New South Wales

dunlop station

A century ago, the massive Dunlop Station spanned one million acres! Now only a fraction of the size, we are all invited in to tour and camp here. This station stay near Louth, New South Wales made it to our top 10 list for our four month winter trip! Here’s why:

1. Privacy

Sites are private and well spread out. We had the Graveyard Camp – all sites have their own moniker.

2. History plus

Thanks Kim for an excellent, personal tour of the historic homestead. I loved the cellar, and documents and maps. Notably, it was the first full station shearing using the controversial new Wolseley machines. We met farmers who travelled here to see the original stone homestead, station store (pictured) and shearing shed.


It was probably our closest camp to the Darling River. How is it to see our fantastic campsite from the air?

4. Pet friendly 

As well as bringing furry friends, the facilities were great.

Station Stays are a great option

5. Budget priced

Station stays really are a terrific option for saving money. Some stations more than others – remember to ask before you stay – as some properties charge per site, not per person – which is great for families, not so much for solo travellers. 

6. Campfires allowed

Always a bonus, we loved our night under the stars, cooking our dinner. 

Dunlop Station Tours

Check it out – tours of the homestead, store and shearing shed start after morning tea, Tuesday to Sunday, and all are welcome. Go there so Kim can share how they are restoring the property. Love the Darling River Run!

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