Favourite Places – Coffee Works

Mmm - chocolate tastings
Mmm - chocolate tastings

I don’t even drink coffee.

But it was my Mum who gave me the tip (and the brochure with an entry discount) that this place in Mareeba, on the Atherton Tablelands was worth the stop.

And it was. All ages. Something for everyone.

You won’t get the kids past the tasting area. Not only are there coffee brews – you can taste tea and CHOCOLATE! All day. Unlimited.

Handcrafted onsite, they have 50 plus chocolatey flavours – and plenty of selections for your tastebuds. Ginger, macadamia, peppermint, coconut …

Heaven. Of course they made sure they were very thorough in their taste testings. Especially our 19 year old, as he does like coffee, and coffee liqueurs were on offer. That is why he is smiling in the tasting photo!

Onto the Master Roaster to see him at work – he was very happy to chat with us and explain the process even though it was popular.

But I am a tea fan. Their museum boasts it’s “like Disneyland for Coffee” and “the world’s largest and most significant collection of coffee and tea treasures” – from six continents and from as far back as the early 1700s.

We took the hand held audio tour – so everyone walked around at their own pace, upstairs and downstairs, in and out mini theatres.

The displays were simply beautiful. Coffee pots, tea pots, cups and saucers, even retro combos that would sit by your beside and brew and toast on your awakening!

It told the story of coffee and tea – 1000 years in the making.

It was a very special exhibit – with some very rare items that had you smiling. My mum in law and I eventually wandered out to find the family making the most of the cafe.

Open 9-3pm, 136 Mason Street, Mareeba – in the hinterland of Cairns.

It was good place to buy gifts to bring home – Daintree Tea, and everything coffee and tea you could think of. We definitely recommend.

So much to see in the museum, and below – lots of very special pots and cups on display! 

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