Wombat on Maria Island by Overland Exposure
Wombat on Maria Island by Overland Exposure

Have you seen the world’s largest burrowing mammals? These sleep-loving, plant eating loners can weigh a hefty 20 kg and grow up to 85cm.

Joeys are raised in a pouch for six months, but aren’t independent until around 18 months of age.

There are three types of this marsupial- the common wombat, the northern hairy nosed wombat and southern hairy nosed wombat. Here’s a few places to look for them!

If you have a spot you recommend for this list – please send it in.

1. Maria Island. Tasmania

Maria Island is wombat central – and only a 30 minute ferry ride from Triabunna. Wildlife includes Tasmanian devils, wombats, possums, kangaroos, wallabies, potoroos, cape barren geese and loads of marine life and bird species!

We list three national parks camps – check the CAMPS App and guides.

Image by Camps Ambassadors, Overland Exposure

2. NSW South Coast

Never ever have I seen wombats so happy to amble around with humans nearby than at Green Cape Lighthouse. You are surrounded by wildlife – kangaroos, seals below – and whale watching in season.

Camp at the nearby Bittangabee Bay – both spots in Ben Boyd National Park, south of Eden. Or you can splurge on an overnight in a lighthouse keeper’s cottage. It was an experience I will always treasure!

Green Cape Lighthouse, NSW
Green Cape Lighthouse, NSW

The South Coast of NSW has loads of locations wombats love, like Bendeela Campsite in the Kangaroo Valley or Hobart Beach at Bournda National Park.

Joy O’Neill sent in this video, and said: “We’re exploring Bournda National Park, camping and some day walks. Didn’t mean to startle this little guy but he/she just came ambling towards us, totally oblivious until I spoke.”

3. Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Renowned for wombats, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park in the Apple Isle is a haven for the common wombat. Look out for them grazing around sunset, and drive slowly.

Wombat at Cradle Mountain, Pyney's Pie Reviews
Wombat at Cradle Mountain, Pyney's Pie Reviews

Closest camping locations are caravan parks.

Cradle Mountain by Miles Boak
Cradle Mountain by Miles Boak

4. Alpine Australia

Be on the lookout for wombats in the Victorian High Country, Namadgi National Park in Canberra and the Snowy Mountains. Unfortunately, each time we have driven up to Perisher or Thredbo – we’ve seen far too many dead wombats on the roadside. And we found a stuffed one at Namadgi National Park Visitor Centre.

You will be wowed by the selection of beautiful National Park campgrounds, and other wildlife to spot..

5. Thallon, Queensland

In case you haven’t had much luck spotting wombats – here’s another option kids will love. A little Queensland country town, you can find a wombat to climb on and have a selfie with!

William is a giant Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat statue – you’ll also see information boards nearby in the park.

And there is a pub across the road with a wombat mural or two. Also check out the silo art and an awesome budget camp in walking distance.

Thanks to publican Warren for taking the photo of me with his best mate!

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