NEW art to check out in Thallon, Queensland

If you have travelled through Thallon, a tiny town west of Goondiwindi, near St George, Dirranbandi and Nindigully – you’ll know about the Thallon Silo Art.

Many towns now have Silo Art, but in the Thallon Rec Ground, you can camp beside them!

Showing off the CAMPS book to Deb and Alan Rae
Showing off the CAMPS book to Deb and Alan Rae

We stopped in chatted to the campers, and the friendly licensees at the Francis Hotel, Warren and Manda and his clever doggo.

Warren was a hive of information about the town, industry and potential of this lovely town.

He told us Thallon had the biggest grain delivery place in Queensland! Although you don’t camp at the pub (plenty of beds, though), it is where you pay your camping fee for the rec ground. Warren also shared the NEW attractions in town.

New Sculptures

As you drive or walk around town – stop and check out the new sculptures. Look at the intricate detail created by artist Dion Cross.

You can see the history and people of Thallon from when the railway line was constructed here.

New Murals

Warren also told us where to find the new murals at the old railway bridge. Plus, the best route with a caravan – very important!

I loved hearing about how the murals came to be, and the fascinating stories behind these locals!

A New Wombat or Two

He said it took The Zookeeper and Drapl about 25 days to paint the silos in winter, 2017. The artists, Joel Fergie and Travis Vinson, came for a refreshment at the pub one day and painted the wombats on the pub water tanks in no time! He proudly showed them off to me, and ensured I took home a photo. I do love wombats.

William the Wombat statue, Thallon, QLD

The wombats tie in with William the Wombat across the road. Another beauty to admire in Thallon – a giant Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat statue in the park.

More about the Silos

‘The Watering Hole’ was the first of silo art of its kind in Queensland and the tenth painted silos to be included in the Australian Silo Art Trail. The artists wanted locals to be proud of their creation and for it to remind them why they love the country out here.

What is not to love? That stunning sunset, striking colours and the Moonie River. You’ll see references to Thallon’s indigenous community in the scarred tree, and agriculture as the main local industry.

You can thank GrainCorp, the Thallon Progress Association, artists Joel Fergie and Travis Vinson, local business and community members and a council RADF grant for their creation.

Thallon Rec Ground QLD

Check out this awesome camp under the Silo Art in the CAMPS guides and App, and our roadtrip around the beautiful Balonne Shire.

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