5 BEST reads for 2024 travels

I love a friend sharing their BEST reads. It is not often I opt for non-fiction books, however, already this month, I’ve devoured three! Plus here are the other authors and books I’m into so far in 2024… and 4 of them are Aussie authors.

1. Bowraville – Dan Box

Yes, I read about serial killers and crime – but always fictional. Dan Box tells the story of how he started as a reporter, but became a campaigner for truth for three murdered kids in a little New South Wales town. 

In the beautiful Nambucca Valley and my Mum’s home town of Bowraville, three children were killed within five months in the early 1990s. 

16 year old Colleen Walker-Craig, Clinton Speedy-Duroux and 4 year old Evelyn Greenup disappeared. All Aboriginal, what follows is hard to believe. No mother, father or family should have to endure the loss and discrimination. Or the fight for justice and truth for over a quarter of a century. 

So saddened, but I still encourage you to get your hands on this book. 

2. The Happiest Man on Earth – Eddie Jaku

I have heard about Eddie, a 99 year old first-time author and his memoir, meaning to read it years ago. He also has a TED talk on how he found happiness after surviving the holocaust. Having read a few books on concentration camps of WWII, Eddie’s tale was familiar, but his stories of survival were gut wrenching. In fact, Eddie survived several of the camps and the death march.

He made you cry and laugh. After his beautiful beginning “My dear new friend” – this little book was finished in a day!

Vale Eddie, OAM, he passed away at the age of 101. I plan to visit your beloved Sydney Jewish Museum. I will share your beautiful book with my children. 

3. Unbelievable – Katy Tur

Yes. It really was unbelieveable. All about Donald Trump’s campaign for presidency, journalist Katy Tur was there from the start. Copping abuse, death threats and lie after lie. It is nothing like the books I pick up – but it made for compelling reading. 

4. Exiles – Jane Harper

Truth to tell, I am still into this one. However, every book I have read from Jane Harper is a triumph. No doubt you’ve heard of “The Dry” – also screened with Eric Bana. “The Lost Man” was also excellent, although very dark! Each one hooks you in, reading quickly as the adrenaline spikes!

And I also have her “Force of Nature” on my bedside. Highly recommend this author for thrilling reads, that also deliver on Aussie landscapes.

5. The Beautiful Mother – Katherine Scholes 

Committed to read this fairly hefty book for my book club, I was intrigued. I had never read much about archeological digs, or know much about this African region. 

The characters were perfectly crafted. I loved the theme, how it intertwines with the characters, and the connections. The main character is entrusted with care of a Hazda baby, and I’m sure my prolactin was surging!

Although set in Africa and England, there is an interesting Aussie connection.  Despite visualising most of the ending ahead of time, there were surprises – and a satisfying close. 

Please share your favourites with us, too!  And remember the BEST holiday read is your CAMPS 12 guide! Also Aussie owned – check out our website shop



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