Australia’s only fully off grid caravan park: Fowlers Bay, South Australia

by CAMPS Ambassadors, Overland Exposure

Fowlers Bay is very small coastal town that has sand dunes, a jetty, some whales in the right season and that’s about it! 

We did stay at the ONLY FULLY OFF GRID CARAVAN PARK in Australia and the owners were lovely. If you plan to stay here, just remember they run everything off grid so just like you and us when free camping need to be mindful of water and electricity use.

The playground was fab and the Ringneck Parrots were chatty too! There is a communal fire pit that is lit each evening.

OH and this is why you need your Camps Australia Wide app and Caravan Parks guide book! Fowlers Bay Caravan Park is only listed in these and isn’t in any other app!

You can take a few different tracks into the conservation park nearby but we chose an easy one that led to another camping area to check it out too.

What a gorgeous beach and cliff views! Definitely worth the little trip on the rough road. Oh but watch the march flies, they were vicious!

The camping area ‘Scotts Beach’ is suitable to anything off-road, lots of space, set back out of the wind and has a drop toilet! (pic shows you a little).


Also check out the 300m long solar lit jetty – it is opposite the pet friendly caravan park!

Fowlers Bay is 23km South from the Eyre Highway.  The best road in is Fowlers Bay Road (45km West of Penong and 35Km East of Nundroo).  Simply stay on the Eyre Highway until you see the sign for “Fowlers Bay”.  This road is half sealed and half gravel (well-maintained).   From the West you can also reach Fowlers Bay via Coorabie, though the road condition can be variable.  Please avoid Tallala Well Road (even though your navigator may send you that way), it is a very rough and unmaintained road.

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