Apps, Hybrids, 3 free camps – and a 50th!

It was one big weekend for us – Heatley celebrated his 50th birthday on Saturday (cheers!) and Sunday we said goodbye to our caravan! The Jayco Starcraft Outback served us well, but with two teens almost as tall as their dad, and sleeping in their swags, now – the bunks were no longer needed. Thankfully, the popular make was snapped up, less than 2 weeks after we had advertised it.

I have been looking back over our Outback Queensland photos, and in light of what you Victorians are going through right now, I am treasuring this time we had with our two youngest on the road, even more. Nothing replaces that one on one time with family, or your loved one. As well as bush walks, some pub meals, farm tours, and exploring country towns together – I really appreciated the ‘SOS’ time. No signal equalled MORE card games, reading books together, cosy family meals and chats by the fire. This photo is taken at one of our favourite ‘SOS’ locations, Pyramid Campground, Porcupine Gorge National Park (site 415 in Camps 10).

I am looking forward to sharing all of our favourite camp sites and attractions in coming newsletters! In this newsletter we transport you to must see in Tasmania, a south west Queensland route, a free camp in Western Australia, a novel site in the Territory, a yummy dessert and more on our outback road trip. Remember if you can’t travel yet – add that location to your list.

The new updated Camps Australia Wide App is in the test phase with a hundred customers right now, refining it for all of you. New icons, new trip functionality, new fresh design, latest technology, it works beautifully with the Camps book – you are going to love it. We’re very excited about it – a lot of time, money and effort has been ploughed into the production. We’ll let you know when it is ready for download, so if you like apps – you can give it a try.

So now we’ve sold the rig, we are looking for a new hybrid van – get in touch with your recommendations! Send us an email or write a comment on our Facebook page or group “I Love Camping Australia Wide“…



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